• May 28, 2016
Health begins at home: Understanding health inequalities in Oxfordshire

This report examines the most relevant factors for determining health inequalities in Oxfordshire and proposes actionable policy suggestions based on the results and an analysis on the current policies in the county.

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This paper was written by a team of Oxford University students: Benjamin Mappin-Kasirer, Caspar Kaiser, Claudette Hewitt, Dipal Patel, Emily Rosen, Gabriel Bernard-­Harding, Jessica Mundy, Nancy Colombe, Thomas Colthorpe, Tobias Gill, and Yeonjoo La, with research help from Tommy Lees. Particular thanks go to Stephen Jones for his inspiring talk at our report launch event. Operational support was provided by the committee members: Cristian Leata, Rachael Midlen, Natascha Eichinger, Bastian Betthaeuser, and Rosa von Gleichen. The report was edited by Yeonjoo La. We thank the Oxford Hub for their continued support of OxPolicy.


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