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  1. Annabel Westermann

    Hi! Anna I think contacted you that I may be interested in research or have a project idea. I have one about Brexit and one about homelessness in Oxford:

    Brexit (along with Trump’s victory) showed a decisive protest against ‘politics as usual’. I would like to really knuckle down and understand exactly what people are unhappy about, and then analyse the stats and suggest polices to target this directly. 

    Your reports are really good but the ones I have read appear to mainly cite statistics or research. I would like to combine this with very thorough interviews and conversations with people on both sides and from a variety of demographics, because I feel this could provide a lot of extra information the statistics often do not account for. 

    Personally, I live in a working class Leave-voting town so would be able to carry out many of these interviews, while others may be able to talk to more middle class people in London, perhaps. I would be keen in contributing to writing the paper too if you would like me to! 

    Oxford homelessness: I think I am more keen on the above idea, but using a similar approach of talking to many people in Oxford about homelessness, from all backgrounds, could also yield some very interesting information about the causes of homelessness and what the council could do to address it. Prejudice towards the homelessness could feature too. 

    Thanks for your time! 

    1. Bettie

      Well I don’t come as often but still will be checking. Still visit Sa8#7&dn21y;s fb. Believe when I say how much Sandy loves you. She is still here. You will see her in little things. Like the book you brought me. I can see her in the pages. Hugs

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