Applications for research teams are now open until 25 January, 2017.
Would you enjoy the chance to work on an in-depth, collaborative research project?

Our projects aim to produce high quality research outlining the current policy situation around an issue, highlight problems and recommend solutions in a policy brief or report. Policy researchers work as part of a team that meet about once a week, providing a forum to discuss the focus topic and explore the issues. These complement individual research into specific topics, countries, legislation or policies. The total time you’d spend each week will average 3-5 hours, but is flexible. Each research team is led by a topic coordinator and lasts for one or two terms.

Why get involved? Researching for our policy papers lends many benefits. Firstly, you’ll be a named contributor on the end brief.  This is both satisfying in itself, and also can be added to your portfolio of essays and journal contributions. Secondly, both the skills and the content specific knowledge you’ll gain can be helpful across a wide range of careers, many of which expect research experience in some capacity above that of your degree on your CV. Thirdly, you’ll work with others to produce something satisfying, and will have a chance to highlight and focus in on specific subsections that interest you. It’s engaging and enjoyable work!

No specific experience is required to join our teams, although you should have an interest in your chosen area and a willingness to devote a couple of hours a week to research. All years are eligable to apply, and we will be offering support in the form of seminars designed to improve our treatment of policy issues on paper and in discussion – so really useful skills. Please note however, these positions are not open all year round so get in touch with us by the deadline!

You can see two of our previous policy papers below.


Oxford's Got (Policy) Talent

We are now accepting applications for this exciting opportunity for undergraduates. Compete with your fellow students for great prizes, while honing your policy skills.

You can find more information here and the application for the competition here.

The Efficacy of the Prevent Strategy in counter-terrorism efforts

We are now accepting applications for this report, which will explore the Prevent strategy. Interested but don’t want to join this team? Keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook for news about our report!

You can find the application for this project here.

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