• May 11, 2016
Affordable childcare when you need it? Childcare opening hours in the context of the Childcare Act 2016

This research examines the efficacy of the Childcare Act 2016 in its stated aim of supporting working parents of children below school age in England. The report takes a novel perspective by examining the extent to which public childcare is available during standard working hours, focussing on two London boroughs of disparate median income: Islington and Barking & Dagenham. The research gives rise to seven policy proposals to improve the efficacy of the Childcare Act 2016.

Download and view the report (PDF) using the “Download” link below. Alternatively, you can view it here.


This report was written by a team of University of Oxford students. Rosa von Gleichen served as the Research Coordinator, and Catriona E. Barker, Ceinwen S. Bowen, Olivia Larsen, Olivia Shillabeer, Guan You Tan, Wei Mei Wong and Assma Youssef formed the research team. Operational support was provided by the Research Director Bastian Betthaeuser.

OxPolicy would like to thank Dr. Walthery from the Centre for Time Use Research in Oxford for making pre-published data from the HETUS 2014-15 available to us. If readers would like more information on this data before the HETUS 2014-15 is published, please contact .


  1. Dan

    Interesting article. The aim to reduce the cost of childcare is always going to be add odds with the need to increase pay. Especially in an area like Oxfordshire, where the cost of living is so high.

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