• May 4, 2017
  • An evaluation of sexual violence prevention programmes at universities

This report was compiled by Haley Lemieux with support from the research team: Emma Becirovic, Sarah Borg, Michael Crowder, Natasha-Heal Cohen, James Martin, Meili Pullerits, Anahitha Sagar, and Lucy Wright.

Find the report here

Sexual violence on university campuses is a prevalent public health issue with serious
consequences for physical and mental health, one which student unions and university officials have tackled in various ways. This report aims to review the effectiveness of different sexual violence prevention policies and programmes in universities as well as offer policy recommendations to those designing intervention strategies. The included interventions are discussed thematically. Specifically, this report reviews interventions targeting a single gender, education, bystanders, alcohol use, and prior victims, and considers general factors affecting programme performance, such as delivery and duration.


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