Have you got an idea for a great research project, or need help with an existing one?

Up1Our research structure has three approaches. The first is our top-down research strands, where Oxpolicy selects policy topics with a certain relevance and manages the different teams producing policy papers. The second is horizontal, where we work with other societies. The third and perhaps most interesting for individuals already researching in policy-related areas however is a bottom-up approach: we encourage anyone who has a good idea for a project to discuss it with us.

There are advantages to collaborative projects. We are able to offer attractive publication options, both on our online spaces and through our printed materials.  We are also able to provide a strong base of students from across the university’s divisions, study levels and interest groups who have a strong interest in policy. Good project ideas in combination with our organizational structure are likely to attract interest, and so research teams can form around issue specific topics too.

Projects run jointly with OxPolicy will also be able to benefit from our events workgroup through the organization of policy forums, seminars and speaker events which would complement a project’s research work. These would also given our links to academics and the policy world form excellent opportunities to meet interesting people and to exchange ideas and thoughts.

Please then see the next tab for details of who to contact and the process we’ll take you through for a collaborative project.

We’ll start personally.

The easiest way for you and for us to decide how your project idea would work is to have a discussion. We can do this via email, but often face-to-face discussions work best. OxPolicy is fortunate in being part of the Oxford Hub, and thus we are based above the excellent Turl Street Kitchen. We’d suggest the best way forward is for you to email our Director with an outline of your thoughts or just for more information, and if appropriate, we’ll fix a mutually agreeable time to discuss your thoughts. Maeve can be reached at .

Once we’ve talked things through, and agreed on a rough outline and timeline, we’ll get to work offering the project to our subscribers and research teams. This is a new venture, but a very exciting one. We envision most people who take us up on this will be postgraduates, although this is not to rule out undergraduates with significant experience and a clear vision for the direction of their project. For societies, please take a look at Policy Linkage, our horizontal collaborative effort working with other groups with connections to policy topics.

Please note that this process is for those who have an interest in being a part of a cohesive and multidimensional collaborative project, rather than suggestions for our OxPolicy led research topics. We absolutely are interested in getting input for these, and will be undertaking polls & primary research over the term, so watch this space.