We are especially interested in promoting our think tank across colleges and non-university groups. Becoming a college or a group rep doesn’t require much time itself. You’d become part of our publicity team headed by the Publicity & Outreach Coordinator. Your role would be to use you social media and personable character to spread the word, as well as acting as a focal point for our society for those who have questions or an interest in policy. We might also send you some posters from time to time if we have a big event coming up.

If you’re interested in getting involved with OxPolicy in a non-time consuming way, want experience in publicity & marketing or fancy helping us out, this would be a good position for you. You can avoid administrative meetings, enhance your CV and still be actively involved in a crucial position for our think tank. If this sounds like you, please  for details.

Check out this FAQ for more information:

Q: Do I need experience or to know much about policy?

A: Nope. The only essential things are to be enthusiastic and committed.

Q: How long does the position last for?

 A: We’re working on a termly rolling basis at the minute. Though of course the longer you stay on, the better you’ll get to know OxPolicy and the more you’ll become involved naturally.

Q: I'm a Fresher, could I be a College Rep?

A: Absolutely! It’s a great role to get you started with Oxford’s societies, and a good way of meeting new people outside your college.

Q: I don't go to Oxford University - can I help out?

A: Oh yes. We’re especially interested in getting local people and students from Brookes University involved. If you think you’ve got what it takes, and have a good ‘target group’ to represent, then absolutely get in touch.

Q: Great, I can't wait! How do I start?

A: Send an to our Publicity Officer detailing why you want to be a College (or Group) rep and with a few sentences about yourself. Causal and brief are fine. We’ll be in touch after that. You’ll start immediately, if we don’t already have a rep for your college.

If you prefer, you can just email details to publicit[email protected]: the result is the same.

Check who your college rep is, or whether you have one, by looking at the list below:

We have no college reps yet. But hey, cut us some slack – it’s a brand new position!